Audren  started  practicing  music and dance when she was 6, - ballet, classical Guitar then opera singing in France - and ended up doing modern jazz, musicals, pop and jazz in the US.
She came back to France to achieve a Bachelor of Fine Arts and worked part time as an art teacher in a highschool for a few years. In her twenties, she also ventured into the real estate business. But music quickly became her main occupation as she started running a record label with some friends.
With her companion Chris Rime (guitarist and producer), she has released many Cds and worked on music for films, télévision, video games. In France, Audren played in various venues and famous Parisian clubs.

Hopefully, since 2009, Audren can use her multifaceted talents again. She recently released a new LP Mama's Groove and also wrote and directed two short movies.

Audren is allergic to dull life, standardization and  renonciation. She fears ideological and commercial requirements that, according to her,  always smother imagination and creativity. She often takes a step into the unknown, looking for a little more humanity.
Audren is a singer but also a writer. In France, she has sold more than 500.000 copies of her books and is well known for her medium-grades and young adults  -best sellers- novels. She also writes novels  for adults, poetry, movie scripts and  theatre,  and is the recipient of multiple literary awards. Out of France, no gamer can forget Audren’s apparition as a singer in the game Darkstone (one million items sold). Her song The Darkstone will shine created a big buzz worldwide. Unfortunately, after a few LPs, Audren kept her fans disappointed and demanding for a few years as she suddenly disappeared from the music world. She was very sick with Lyme disease. She then concentrated on her writing as singing had became impossible.

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